Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is based on results. We guarantee that if you follow the recommendations given to you, you will see significant improvement in your performance on the field, court or ring. This is backed up by over thirty years of practical experiences in working with hundreds of athletes. The only athletes who do not show significant improvement are those who add their own exercises or exercise regimes to the program. There may be some improvement but not to the extent that would have been possible if they stayed with our recommended program.

Understand that most of the programs assume that you will be better by carrying out their recommendations. However, we back up and guarantee that you will receive significant improvement through better technique and greater development of your physical qualities that relate specifically


Matt Haffner

I like the 1 x 20program: less stressful, the old programs that I used to do left me fatigued. I like being able to improve strength and endurance while still being able to get better training without fatigue and fewer injuries!
I would recommend his products to anybody who is interested in athletic performance training…. Really good services.
It’s hard to find good information; Dr Yessis’ info is top of the line ! I had done a lot of reading about athletic performance for a number of years, it’s all over the place, it’s generic.
Matt Haffner: casual athlete, kick boxer and wrestler

Rex Lardner

Dr. Michael Yessis has been an outstanding contributor to both American Football Monthly and Gridiron Strategies. The topics of his articles have  ranged from specific strength and conditioning subjects to ways to improve youth football. All of his articles have been both thorough and well written and also well-received by our subscribers.

Rex Lardner
Managing editor of Gridiron Strategies ( and American Football Monthly(

Michael Branch

Before I started working with Dr Yessis, I got the usual information for track and field athletes, still being practiced today, using a lot of repeat 100’s, repeat 200’s, very little done on plyos; we overdid the weight lifting, squatted 2 ½ times their body weight. We experienced burnout, injuries, and the athletes became slower.

Then when I started working with Dr Yessis I went from being a beginner coach to having great success, and I received the “Key to the City of Wheaton”, when the whole city recognizes you! Nobody could figure out how I did it, it was so different. I produced national champions in 200m and 400m, All-Americans in the 100m and 200m, state champions in almost every event, along with high school and college national champions in the 200m.

I have been using his recommendations with my own daughter, who regularly beats girls 4-5 years older in track meets. And, I haven’t seen any injuries (due to the Active Cords)!


Eric W Edmonds, MD

Few have made as much impact on the science of muscle health as Dr Yessis over the past half century; and, just when you least expect it, he adds even more depth to our understanding through his experience and sage advice.  It’s amazing how something like a shift in repetitions (such as the 1 x 20 RM program) can benefit young athletes in their training and athletic endeavors.

Eric W Edmonds, MD
Director of Orthopaedic Research
Co-Director, 360 Sports Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California San Diego

Dr. Yessis took the most scientific and proven research in the world regarding athletic development and reproduced it in a simple straight to the point and applicable fashion.  The complexity of the translated literature can have one spending years trying to not only understand it but apply it.  This is what led me to seek out Dr. Yessis; I decided to go straight to the source.  From his books to equipment to even his podcasts, my results speak for themselves, seeking out Dr. Yessis’s help has been the best coaching decision I ever made!

Ryan Bracius
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Wisconsin – Whitewater


results-ViliVili, Fitness & Physical Therapy Programs Manager at The Body Well

I hear talk around the gym, and see lots of info on-line, but not finding the right results. Doing a lot of work but not getting anywhere. He factored out the complications, made it easy to do, getting results such as getting stronger, faster, agile, leg quickness has improved and I don’t feel broken down. Dr Yessis helped me with understanding the mechanics, his information is simplified, easy to understand, the way he breaks everything down.

Julian Kennett

I have had the privilege of working with the elite of this industry and can honestly say that Doctor Yessis is among them. He has one of the sharpest minds, and remains one of the foremost experts in biomechanics today. The significant contribution his many works have made to this field over the years not only continue to shape my own training methodologies, but speak volumes of his willingness to share his acquired knowledge with others in the field. If you’re looking for that edge in performance, you have certainly come to the right place.

results-JeffJeff Moyer

Because of my frustration with the lack of information and conflicting information about the biomechanics of throwing, I turned to Dr Yessis. I was looking for ways to physically improve my athletes’ skills. His frame-by-frame breakdown of entire movement into smallest parts and then teaching how all the movements work with one another to give our quarterback greath throwing and running. Our record went from 3 in 5 to 9 and 0 and then 10 and 1.

results-YosefYosef Johnson

Dr Yessis synthesized the key information on training so that I could apply it to myself and to the athletes I work with. He has already done it, he cuts through all the noise that’s out there. Using his training practices I have had impressive results, such as one kid improved his vertical over 21 inches over 3 years. Another boy gained 35 pounds and increased his vertical jump 9 inches in 6 months. He has a unique ability to take the scientific and biomechanical info and make it simple and usable for coaches and athletes. I haven’t heard of anyone else who has been able to do this.