Exer Rings – Sports Set
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Exer Rings – Sports Set

  • Are you afraid you are developing carpal tunnel syndrome?
  • Is your racquet or club spinning in your hands?
  • Can you grip the ball to make it move the way you want?
  • Do you know the best way to rehabilitate from a finger or hand injury?
  • Are you tired of finer, hand and wrist injuries that leave you sitting on the bench?

To strengthen the fingers or hands in all of their actions, the Exer Rings may be just what you need. By doing specific strength exercises for one or more of your  fingers or hand grip you will be able to improve your performance in all hitting and throwing sports. Keep in mind that your finger and hand strength determines the outcome of your throw, shot, hit or punch.

Each set of Exer Rings contains six different tension resilient rings. Three rings have flat outer surfaces and three have rounded outer surfaces that allow you to do many different unique exercises. With a little creativity you can do over fifty different exercises to work the fingers in all of their actions individually and collectively.


If you compare Exer Rings to other equipment that is used to strengthen the fingers or hands you will see that they are very limited in relation to the exercises that can be done. Extra rings are very versatile and can be carried with you wherever you go. In addition they can be used at any time that is convenient.

The Exer Rings can even be used in warm water for people with arthritis and are great for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems. They also used for prevention of some of the more common hand, wrist and finger problems. In addition to preventing and rehabilitating finger, hand and wrist injuries, Exer Rings are especially beneficial for athletes who want to:

  • put more spin on the ball in pitching
  • throw a tighter spiral in football
  • hit further and more powerfully in baseball
  • get greater distance and more power in the golf swing
  • have a stronger grip when lifting weights and when tackling someone
  • shoot more accurate baskets in basketball
  • improve any and all finger and hand actions in various sports


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Exer Rings – Sports Set

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