The Sports Breather
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The Sports Breather

Gasping for breath soon after getting into the game?

Are you frustrated because running out of breath stops your running before your muscles do?

Discouraged with poor breath control when singing or playing your musical instrument?

The Sports Breather is a unique device that is used to strengthen the respiratory muscles. This, in turn, will not only push back the onset of fatigue, but will improve your performance in speed, especially in endurance events. In addition, you improve the efficiency of your breathing (even for elite endurance athletes). As an added bonus exercising with the sports breather will reduce your waist size.

Also great for singers and musicians who must hold long notes and who require better breathing control. In addition, the sports breather is used extensively in the medical profession with individuals suffering with asthma or other respiratory diseases.

By using the sports breather you can:

  • Strengthen the respiratory muscles
  • Push back fatigue
  • Increase your sports performance
  • Achieve higher levels of sports performance regardless of whether you are a beginner or elite athlete.

Help combat common respiratory problems


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The Sports Breather

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