Build A Better Athlete (Book)
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Build A Better Athlete (Book)

Are you disappointed with being cut from the team?

Are you discouraged with getting advice from people and articles that doesn’t make a difference?

Have you been sucked into believing that you’ll only be as good as you were born with?

Would you love to take up a new sport?

Do you hate having to take aspirin or ice down after you play or work out?

Are you frustrated with being pigeon-holed?

by reading Build a Better Athlete you will learn about these factors and much more.

Build a Better Athlete is the culmination of over 50 years of study and practical experiences in working with athletes to develop their full potential. It is unmatched in not only its scope but in the details given to each of the factors involved in determining success in athletic performance. This has led to its acceptance as a required text in universities with a curriculum in sports science.


Build a Better Athlete is easy to read and comprehend. Although not written to be a textbook, because of the information contained, it is now used as a required text in universities.

In this book:

  • There are individual chapters devoted to biomechanical analyses of different sports skills (technique). This includes running, jumping, throwing, hitting and kicking.
  • Each skill is illustrated with sequential pictures taken from organic digital video tapes.
  • Explanations of each sports skill are given together with correct and incorrect aspects of skill execution. Suggestions are given on how they can be made more effective.
  • Each skill is described in a way that allows for easy learning, teaching, correcting and enhancing the skill.

In addition, all the major physical qualities as they relate to specific sports skill technique are brought out and discussed. There are also sections that deal with sports nutrition in a very practical manner that has never before been presented. There is also a chapter on vision that explains the need for better vision in execution of sports skills and suggestions on how it can be improved.

All of the information presented is of great benefit not only to coaches and athletes, but also for parents and youth coaches.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Present Scene

Chapter 2: The Road to Mastery

Chapter 3: Mastery of Technique

Chapter 4: Running

Chapter 5: Jumping

Chapter 6: Throwing

Chapter 7: Hitting/Striking

Chapter 8: Kicking

Chapter 9: Posture

Chapter 10: Strength Training

Chapter 11: Speed and Explosive Training

Chapter 12: The Need for Endurance

Chapter 13: Agility/Quickness

Chapter 14: Flexibility

Chapter 15: Balance

Chapter 16: Your Incredible Eyes

Chapter 17: Nutrition for Optimal Playing

Chapter 18: Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Chapter 19: The Training Program

Chapter 20: Tips to Maintain Your Program


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Build A Better Athlete (Book)

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