Tennis is a speed-strength sport as it requires power when hitting the ball and speed and quickness when moving around the court in reaction to the ball and opponent.

More specifically, in order to play well you need the following technical and physical abilities in order to:

  • Quickly accelerate for 5 to 10 yards
  • Quickly and explosively change directions on court movements
  • Execute a quick first step in order to get to the ball for a good return
  • Hit groundstrokes, serves and overheads with quickness and power
  • Execute all movements needed on the court with quickness and power
  • Display effective movement and hitting technique to execute the best shots
  • Prevent injury by having good coordination between your technique and strength of the muscles specific to the technique
  • Produce the energy needed for hitting and movement on the court over a period of time

Lacking any one of the above abilities is sufficient to interfere with your game play and not allow you to play to your full potential. This in turn does not allow you to enjoy the game as much as possible.

See the links to products and additional articles for more information on how you can improve each of the key tennis skills in the most effective, efficient and injury proof way.

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