Frame-by-Frame Program

The frame-by-frame program is consists of a basic technique analysis of an athlete’s sports skill and recommendations for improvement through video analysis.

This program allows athletes from anywhere in the world to submit video of the sports performance to Dr. Yessis. Dr. Yessis will then analyzes the technique being performed during execution of the sports skill with The Yessis Program. This program is based in biomechanics to ensure that your sports skill is optimized for your physical body capabilities.

After the evaluation, Dr. Yessis provides personalized recommendations via email or video-conference. The recommendations include where you can get more information on why these changes are needed. In addition, you are provided with a customized list of specialized strength exercises that duplicate the joint actions and movement patterns in your sports skill.

By improving your technique and developing the physical qualities such as strength, power and explosiveness that relate specifically to your technique, you will be able to make the changes faster and more effectively. At the same time you will enhance your ability to execute the skill which then means you will be able to be successful on the field. In essence, in order to have the best skill execution, you must have the best technique and optimal development of the physical qualities specific to the technique.

The Frame-By-Frame video program is great for all athletes anywhere in the world!

Cost for the frame-by-frame program is $200.00.

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