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Recent studies have shown that great talent in any field is developed under the tutelage of a mentor. Dr. Yessis can be your coaching and training mentor!

The Dr. Yessis mentorship program is now being offered on a limited scale. It is an intense program that is guaranteed to produce the best results possible. This program is geared for coaches and trainers that want to learn the Yessis System and how they can apply it with their athletes to be as good as possible, one of the best in the field.

Eligibility: Coaches and trainers with at least 3 to 4 years of experience and have current athletes. The Mentee (Coach/Trainer) must have one of their current athletes participate with them in the program so that the Mentee can practice and apply the information learned from Dr. Yessis (Mentor).

The athlete must have a goal of getting a college scholarship, making a professional team or making an Olympic team. The Mentee and their athlete must commit to being able to work together for 2-4 years.

Prerequisite: Familiarity and understanding of the information in books by Dr. Yessis. At a minimum, this must include:

  • Biomechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise
  • Build a Better Athlete
  • Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness and Training
  • Explosive Plyometrics
  • A sport specific book for the athlete’s sport. For example, if the athlete is a golfer, the coach or trainer must be familiar with Explosive Golf. If the athlete is a runner or must improve his running speed in a particular sport, the coach or trainer must be familiar with Explosive Running.

How it works:

The Mentee will film the athlete performing his sports skills just as in the Frame-by-Frame Program. Dr. Yessis will then analyze the film as he would in the Gold/Silver/Bronze Training Program and provide the same analysis and recommendations to the athlete.

The benefit of the Mentorship Program is that as Dr. Yessis works through the training program with the athlete, the Mentee is participating in the anaylzation and recommendations with Dr. Yessis.

It will be up to the Mentee to monitor everything that the athlete does. He will learn what to look forward to make sure the exercises are being done correctly and if the technique work is precise to ensure effective learning and development.

The Mentee will be responsible for overseeing the entire training program under the tutelage and guidance of Dr. Yessis. As a result the Mentee will eventually be able to implement the Yessis Program on his own.

Dr. Yessis will answer questions that arise for the coach or trainer and give the rationale behind each exercise or each training regime.

Every month the coach or trainer will send in a new video of the athlete executing the skills and the exercises prescribed, especially the new ones added every month. There will be a steady progression of the training to prepare the athlete for major competition. Results are guaranteed [this can be a link to the Guarantee page].

The Mentorship Program will consist of teaching the following elements of the Yessis System that will be applied to the athlete’s training:

1) Technique Analysis including correction and enhancement

2) General Strength Training Exercise assignment. These exercises are needed for overall preparation of the body, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

3) <em exercise assignment. These exercises are specific to the athlete’s technique for enhancement of his performance and for prevention of injury. Specialized strength exercises are the key to better performance in the shortest amount of time.

4) Speed work. This includes running speed and limb movement speed

5) Agility Work. Emphasis is on learning and enhancing the cutting actions.

6) Explosive Power Development. This is done mainly with unique plyometric exercises.

7) Endurance Development. This is mainly for endurance athletes including triathletes. Some of this training will also be applicable to athletes in sports such as soccer.

8) Identification of other qualities or factors that may be involved to improve sports performance. This depends on the specific sport and the athlete’s needs.

Pricing: $600/month, payable quarterly.

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