The Yessis Program

The Yessis program is a results-oriented program based on sports science and enhanced with direct experiences in training successful athletes. This means that the training will result in better performance on the field, court or ring. In addition to improved results, the skill specific and biomechanically supported technique analysis and training ensuresensures that an athlete will be preventing non-contact injuries.

Improvement and success in your performance is based on improved physical and technical abilities. This means that when you improve your technique (skill execution) and your physical abilities such as strength, speed and power, as they relate to your skill execution your performance will automatically improve. Mastery of these two factors determines how successfully you will be able to play and achieve your potential.

To improve athletic performance, you must be able to not only execute the skills that to execute them with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  You must be able to catch any ball that comes to you especially if you are a football receiver, baseball, basketball or lacrosse player. If you are a picture you must be able to throw with maximum speed — usually in the mid-90s with accuracy and have the ability to expertly throw at least four different pitches. As a result this is a very slow and ineffective method of improvement.

To be successful in your sport you must be able to execute the skills that involved. This means you must be able to catch the ball if you are a football receiver or baseball player. If you are a pitcher you must be able to throw with speed and accuracy and have a good array of pitches. If your sport requires speed and quickness you must be able to run fast and to change directions quickly if you play sports such as soccer, lacrosse or football.

Thus, to be successful  you must perfect your skill technique and develop your physical qualities specific to your technique. Each of you requires a different individualized training program to maximize your potential. This is why you need the Yessis program.

See the specific bronze, silver and gold programs for more information.



Build a Better Athlete


Build a Better Athlete is the culmination of over 50 years of study and practical experiences in working with athletes to develop their full potential.

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