Yessis System Bronze – Basic 3 Session Course

Each session takes between two and three hours

Introduction: To improve athletic performance, athletes generally increase their playing time. Many athletes play the same sport year-round. You can get better doing this but it is a very slow and ineffective method.

To be successful in your sport you must be able to execute the skills that involved. This means you must be able to catch the ball if you are a football receiver or baseball player. If you are a pitcher you must be able to throw with speed and accuracy and have a good array of pitches. If your sport requires speed you must be able to run fast and be able to change directions quickly if you play sports such as soccer, lacrosse or football.

Thus, to be successful you must improve and perfect your physical and technical abilities. This means you must: improve technique (skill execution) and improve your physical qualities such as strength, speed and power as they relate to your skill execution.

Because there are differences among athletes in relation to how they run, jump, throw, kick, etc., each of you requires a different training program. This is one of the main principles of training: individualization, i.e., your program must be individualized to you and only you.

Step One – Biomechanical Technique Analysis

This analysis is the basis for establishing your training program. It tells us how effective your technique is, what technical and physical aspects are in need of improvement, what changes must be made in skill execution and how it can be improved.

For the analysis, a video clip of your skill execution (technique) must be available. It will be analyzed frame by frame to see exactly what occurs. You will then be taken through changes that must be made to make the execution more effective. In addition, specialized strength exercises will be prescribed which will develop your ability to make the changes that are needed.

You will also be placed on a general fitness or overall physical preparation program that is needed to develop the base qualities needed for the more intense and specialized training that is done in a future session.

Step two – Specialized Strength Training and Introduction to Speed and Explosive Training

At this time you will be ready for more intense specialized strength training to improve performance in addition to the specialized training for technique improvement and perfection. The specialized strength exercises develop strength in exactly the way they are displayed in execution of the skill. In addition, you develop strength in the same neuromuscular pathway as exhibited in the skill execution.

Speed training is introduced at this time not only for increase running speed but also hand and limb speed. Keep in mind that in sports that involve throwing, it is the speed generated by the hand that relates to how far and how fast the ball will travel. The same holds true when you swing a bat or club.

Explosive training is introduced at this time so that you will be prepared to do more intense explosive work in the next session. The explosive training is needed to “convert” the strength gains into speed and explosive power.

Step Three – Greater Strength, Speed and Explosive Training

The training at this time is usually geared to preparation for competition. The exercises become highly specific to your sport. In essence, you perfect your technique in relation to the levels of strength, flexibility, speed and explosiveness that you now possess.

Emphasis is on greater speed and explosive power along with perfection of skill technique and perfection of technique in movement on the field or court. The training is usually quite intense so that you will be ready to play your best when the season starts.

To summarize, the bronze program will involve:

  • Biomechanical analysis of your technique
  • Learning and correcting skill technique
  • Specialized strength exercises to improve technique
  • Specialized strength exercises to improve physical abilities as they relate to your technique
  • Introduction to and improvement in speed and explosiveness
  • Learning new techniques for movement on the court or field, as for example, cutting actions
  • Improvement in acceleration and taking a quick first step
  • Learning correct execution of basic strength exercises such as the squat and reverse trunk twist

Cost for the bronze three session program is $2100.00. Sessions can be done in person, via video or Skype.

Payment must be made in advance. The three sessions must be completed within six months

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