Block Periodization 1 by Dr. Issurin
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Block Periodization 1 by Dr. Issurin

This book explains in detail the concepts and practice of block periodization. Many coaches believe that block periodization was the main reason Eastern bloc athletes were so successful in the Olympics in the latter part of the twentieth century. The book is considered a major breakthrough in how high-level athletes should be trained during the competitive period.

Block periodization is a novel concept that has much theoretical and practical support of high-level athletes. This book explores the foundation of block periodization in comparison to the traditional theory of periodization.

Also discussed in the book is long-term preparation of the athlete. This is related not only to an Olympic cycle but to long-term preparation of young athletes and sport longevity of highly qualified athletes. Attention is given to identifying gifted athletes.

This book is intended for coaches and athletes who want to be on the cutting edge.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Block Periodization vs. traditional theory

Chapter 2: The Workout: general concepts and structured guidelines

Chapter 3: Microcycles, mesocycles and training stages

Chapter 4: Long-term preparation

Chapter 5: Altitude training


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Block Periodization 1 by Dr. Issurin

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