Explosive Plyometrics
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Explosive Plyometrics

Explosive Plyometrics can give you the speed and power you need for any sport. This is the definitive book on what are real explosive plyometrics. Keep in mind that although explosive plyometrics uses jumps, not all jump exercises are plyometric. Explosive Plyometrics gives you the true explosive plyometric exercises for you to develop the greatest speed and explosive power possible. Explosive Plyometrics is an easy to read and well illustrated book with pictures taken from live digital film, will answer all your questions and give you information never before reported by Verkhoshansky, the creator of plyometrics and others. Individual chapters are devoted to the latest state-of-the-art leg, arm, midsection and total body explosive training. They guarantee that you will increase your explosive power and sport fitness, to become a better performing athlete.Author Michael Yessis, Ph.D., was the pioneer in introducing plyometrics to the United States and played a major role in disseminating the information. He explains how you can get the most benefit from the plyometric exercises and the science that will make you a better athlete.

Explosive Plyometrics Table Of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Understanding Explosive Plyometrics
    • Chapter 2: Explosive Leg Training
    • Chapter 3: Explosive Arm Training
    • Chapter 4: Explosive Mid-Section Training
    • Chapter 5: Total Body Explosive Training
    • Chapter 6: Integration of Plyometric Training
    • Chapter 7: Other Factors
  • Get the speed and power you need for any sport!
  • Learn REAL plyometrics, not fad junk
  • Get the true plyometric edge


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Explosive Plyometrics

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