Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness & Training
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Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness & Training

  • Are there effective methods that you don’t know anything about?
  • Are you using cutting-edge techniques?
  • Curious about the real secret of the Russian sports successes of the ‘60’s?
  • Why is China dominating on the Olympic stage?

Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness and Training explains the Russian/Soviet system of training athletes and gives recommendations and guidelines on how you can incorporate the most important aspects of the program to improve sports  performance. For more information


This book explains the advanced, multi-year training system developed by the Soviets which is still in use today. It is employed not only by the Russians, but former Soviet republics, Germany, other European nations and China.

Although the original research and training practices were written and developed over thirty years ago, the methods and practical experiences have only partially been incorporated in the U.S. Today many coaches and athletes are actively seeking this information.

This book refutes the common myth that Soviet sports successes were due to money, drugs, and robbing the cradles of young athletes. This sophisticated system was remarkable in its ability to effectively develop an athlete’s full potential.


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: How You Can Benefit from Russian Sports Techniques sports
  • Chapter 2: The Role of Sports in the Soviet Union
  • Chapter 3: Soviet Sports Research: What It Has Taught the Russians
  • Chapter 4: The Newest Training Innovations: How They Can Help You
  • Chapter 5: Speed Strength Training: A New Soviet Breakthrough
  • Chapter 6: Maximizing Your Fitness Potential: From Running to Water Sports
  • Chapter 7: Soviet Science of Sports Psychology
  • Chapter 8: Nutritional Guidelines for Improving Performance
  • Chapter 9: Making the Most of Soviet Restorative Measures
  • Chapter 10: Drugs in the Soviet Sports System
  • Chapter 11: What's on the Horizon?


One Review for Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness & Training

  1. Shea Thompson says:

    Dr. Yessis goes into all subject matters of the Russian Sports Training system and helps understand what led to a long period of Olympic Dominance.

    The book discusses subjects such as nutrition, restoration methods, psychology, speed-strength training, further research and how it was utilized in the Russian system. This new edition also adds more information on each subject that was not in the previous book.

    Dr. Yessis sparks your interest in diving deeper into Russian Sports System and probably led me to look into other books referenced. I think this is a good book if someone is interested in learning outside of their current knowledge and may lead them wanting to know more.

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Secrets of Russian Sports Fitness & Training

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