The Strength Bar
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The Strength Bar

Do you get frustrated when you curveball is not breaking?

Do you feel puny when you compare your forearms to high level players?

Are you frustrated that you don't have the forearm strength to hold and manipulate heavy weights?

Do you get angry when you fumble or lose possession of the ball?

The Strength Bar is a simple but specialized piece of equipment that is used specifically to strengthen the muscles of the forearm and rotator cuff of the shoulder. It can be used in a manner to duplicate the actions that occur in these joints in execution of various sports skills. Because of this the strength bar is ideal to:

  • Improve your force and hitting power in baseball, MMA, boxing, hockey and football.
  • Improve your force and throwing power in baseball, lacrosse, field and ice hockey and track and field events.
  • Improve your lifting force in weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman events and in strength training.
  • Prevent injury to the rotator cuff muscles.
  • Select and adjust for the correct resistance for your level of ability.
  • Strengthen your wrist to prevent injury and to enhance your performance.
  • Prevent and rehabilitate tennis elbow.

The Strength Bar is ideal for total wrist and forearm development. This is the only type of equipment with which you can do ulna and radial flexion as needed in some of the key actions involved in the golf swing and baseball hitting, pitching and other sports actions. It is one of the best pieces of equipment for golfers, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, baseball and football players. Also ideal for track and field athletes, and all iron sport athletes.


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The Strength Bar

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