Dr. Yessis – Background, Movement Sciences & Everything in Between


Yosef Johnson & Jeff Moyer of DC Sports Training talk with Dr. Michael Yessis about his background and how he first got started in this industry.  We also discuss the various movement sciences and their application with training athletes with practical examples with how they can be applied. 

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2 Responses to Dr. Yessis – Background, Movement Sciences & Everything in Between

  1. cameron hill says:

    hello dr. yesis, I’m an aspiring young (16) strength and conditioning coach and rugby player from England. I’ve really taken a great interest in your podcasts, articles, books, and videos, and greatly appreciate the time it must have taken you to produce the material available on this site. Is there any possibility of making the podcasts available for download? I would love the opportunity to listen to them during the day from my phone, so that I could really begin to immerse myself in your teachings.
    Thanks for your time,

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